Friday, August 28, 2020

A Little Too Cinema Verite Perhaps

 But I am sure you will appreciate this iron ore to sponge iron video.  What he is looking for as he goes through the forest with a stone ax is "bog iron" a traditional iron ore.  Happily, I understand every step!

When I shared with my students, "No complaining about the cost of a car!"


  1. What I liked was the no talking. I hate it when the video has someone yakking away while I wait for the useful stuff to happen.

  2. Dude's got some tough shoulders if he could carry that much with those thin straps.

  3. I still wonder how someone figured this out. Hey Joe, I bet ya that if you put a certain type of rock in a really hot fire then you'll be able to make more useful things out of it.

    Along the same lines, it had to be a pretty hungry person who looked at a snail and decided to cook it.