Friday, August 28, 2020

Conspiracy to Riot?

 8/27/20 Seattle Times:

Eight volunteers from Seattle-based Riot Kitchen were ordered out of their vehicles and arrested by law enforcement officials soon after their Wednesday arrival in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where they had planned to provide free food to protesters, according to a board member of the nonprofit group.

A video posted on Twitter purports to show some of what happened during the daylight arrests. The officers arrive in what appear to be unmarked vehicles, and surround a minivan that had just fueled up at a Kenosha gas station and was carrying what board member Jennifer Scheurle said was a group of Riot Kitchen volunteers....

“We are a nonprofit and our mission is to feed people for free — protesters and everyone in need,” said Scheurle. “We were from out of town — but that’s not illegal.”

And that's why you are called Riot Kitchen, not Feeding the Hungry? 

Police say that they made nine arrests for disorderly conduct from three vehicles that included the school bus, the minivan and a bread truck. They say they observed the occupants of the bus and bread truck exit to fill multiple fuel cans.

Scheurle said that any cans filled with fuel would have been for legitimate uses, such as generators used in serving meals.

Of course.  People who call themselves Riot Kitchen would have no other purpose for this.  "Honestly, officer,  I was buying empty whiskey bottles and gasoline to make some wicked mixed drinks."


  1. After all, Will Stockdale, in "No Time For Sergeants" did prefer his "White Lightning" with a touch of Kerosene.

  2. And they are called Molotove Cocktails in the first place because Molotov said on propaganda radio that the Red Air Force was not bombing Finnish cities but were dropping humanitarian supplies, including food. The Finnish took the lie and made it humorous by calling the improvised bombs to disable tanks, Molotov Cocktails.