Wednesday, August 26, 2020

cui bono?

This morning,  I was having mischievous thoughts.   Instead of assuming that George Soros is funding this disruption of BLM and nightly rioting,  can you think of anyone more benefiting from this than white supremacists? If you wanted to create a perception that blacks are too dangerous to have in your town, what would you do?  The problem with this hypothesis is that there is not enough money in their hands to do this.

Communists might be pushing this not just for their fantasy of proletariat revolution,  but by seeing back race relations 50 years they could again lure thugs like the Black Panthers back into their movement -- and this time, it will work.  This explains the white trust fund babies (who hates capitalism more than the spoiled brats who do not need to work?), media support and a newly leftwing Democratic Party. 

Fight back.  Reject prejudice from anyone who seems to be on your side at demonstrations. 


  1. Does the RICO statute not attach to BLM, Antifa behavior and foreign money coming in to support election campaigns?

    I am not even asking for a friend.

    A simple yes or no will do.


  2. 1. "Prejudice" is not inherently wrong; when a law enforcement officer is looking for someone who just robbed a bank and the physical description is male, 6'5", blond hair, age 30-40, they are immediately prejudiced against 60 year old female midgets.

    2. Uniform crime statistics easily demonstrate that more than 50% of all murders in the U.S. are perpetrated by a group composing approximately 7% percent of the population. Arithmetic does not perceive physical characteristics; that is why mathematics is increasingly labeled as racist.

    3. Demonstrations? Maybe in the past; the past is another country. Anyone going to a demonstration for any reason in the current culture is one of three: 1. Stupid. 2. Evil. 3. Evil and Stupid.