Sunday, August 23, 2020

I Guess COVID-19 Really Is Not That Serious...

8/22/20 New York Post reports entertainers are getting a special exemption from the 14 day quarantine for the Video Music Awards.  But 8/20/20

There is no dancing allowed in New York’s bars and restaurants, even at a wedding reception, according to the New York State Liquor Authority.

To control the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s liquor authority has also specifically banned darts, pool, cornhole, karaoke and exotic dancing.

Somehow, a place that allows customers to throw axes and drink beer is reopening Friday. There was no word from the liquor authority on how that fits in to safety protocols.

No kidding. Cuomo has also banned comedy shows.

Okay, learn to sing "Footloose" with a mob accent. 


  1. No surprise. Welcome to our empty city, good luck finding a place to go eat.

  2. The two Cuomo brothers remind me of the Tench brothers in the Wild Bunch.
    Not too bright, and singularly obsessed with only one thing.