Monday, August 17, 2020

Apparently the "News" Story That Caused Twitter to Suspend Their Account

 9/17/20 Babylon Bee:

U.S.—President Trump's vote suppression efforts seem to know no bounds, with his main efforts focused against the USPS to stop mail-in voting. In Trump’s latest attack on democracy, he is now riding around in an SUV playing “mailbox baseball” -- smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat to make it impossible for people to mail in their ballots.

“Try and vote for Biden now!” Trump was heard yelling as he knocked a mailbox off its post.

Trump is said to be traveling all over the country destroying mailboxes, and people are powerless to do anything. “I was going to send a letter to the police that they need to stop him,” said one concerned citizen, “but I don’t have a mailbox now, so I don’t know what to do!”

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