Monday, August 17, 2020

Two Families To Not Invite to a Party

 Montgomery Co., Ky. (1910)

12/24/1910: “At a dance Christmas Eve night at the home of Craddock Willoughby in what is known as Willoughby Nation in the upper end of Montgomery county in a general fight between the Willoughbys and the Martins in which several pistols, several knives, one razor and a corn knife played parts, Hill Willoughby was shot five times and instantly killed; Craddock Willoughby was shot in the bowels and died yesterday; Clarence Young was shot through the liver and died also yesterday; Claude Willoughby was shot in the arm; Cal Willoughby was shot slightly in the neck; Nelson Abner was cut slightly in the hand; Chas. Martin was cut slightly in the neck and also cut in the hand, and Martin was shot in the arm. The only person reported to be in the difficulty that came out unhurt was Floyd McCall.”

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: quarrel

Weapon: pistols, knives, razor[1]

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