Saturday, August 29, 2020

Office 2016

 Has anyone used this?  When my employer offered us the $10 educational discount version, I decided to stay with Office 2013, because at first glance, it looked like all your documents would be stored online.  Did I misjudge this?  I ask because the Outlook 2013 application no longer seems to work with my employer's mail server and tech support has no idea how to fix it, except perhaps a complete reinstall of Office 2013.  I would like to think that any macros, etc. in Word and Excel would survive reinstall, but who knows?


  1. I stick with OpenOffice (
    You'll like the price (free)

  2. 2016 doesn't require online storage. It'll try to push you to use onedrive but you can disable it.

  3. No, it's not forcing you to save to the cloud, but it encourages you to. Otherwise, it's pretty similar in most respects. I configured my Word toolbar to have Save As as the first command so it asks me where on my computer I want to save it. If you hit the Save icon or Ctrl + S it'll pull up a funky dialog where you have to more manually select where it's going, rather than what we've been used to with Office since forever.

    It's a pretty easy workaround and some of the functionality is really nice, but I'll admit I'm only running Word heavily and dabble in the other applications.