Saturday, August 29, 2020

In Defense of Looting

 8/27/20 NPR interviews author of the new book In Defense of Looting.  The author is very clear that only mob action is defensible.

When I use the word looting, I mean the mass expropriation of property, mass shoplifting during a moment of upheaval or riot. That's the thing I'm defending. I'm not defending any situation in which property is stolen by force. It's not a home invasion, either. It's about a certain kind of action that's taken during protests and riots.

It is an important distinction.  Breaking into her home and stealing her 84" big screen TV is not okay. And she claims looting is a fundamental part of BLM.

I look forward to NPR interviewing the author of In Defense of Lynching and In Defense of Cross-Burning.  Not.  She is pretty clearly gender confused or just plain ugly.  Is anyone surprised?

That crazy leftists are defending rioting is no surprise.  That our tax dollars are being spent to promote sales of this book is horrifying.


  1. So if we rob from the He/she's place of business and in a group, it's ok?
    What if he/she works from home?
    What is the minimum number for an acceptable group? Two are all you need for a criminal conspiracy.
    These are what Heinlein referred to in his "Future History" as "The Crazy Years."

  2. He/she is not only transgressive, but transgendered.
    NPR "No Possible Rationale". No possibility of Reason".

  3. OK, I am up for expropriating Bezos. Much more lucrative than burning out some small business. Besides, karma.