Sunday, August 16, 2020

4.5" Metal or Plastic Disks

I need two lens covers 4.5" diameter to fit on the ends of the baby scope.  They can be 4.5" ID to fit on the outside,  or 3.83" to slide into the tube. Either size, I can strap them in place with rubber bands.

If no one can suggest a ready made solution I will have to turn a 4" piece down your 3.83" on one end and press in. 

B&H Photo had 114mm lens covers for $30 each.  I'm too rich to make a pair of these from aluminum.


  1. Depending on the material thickness you are looking for, take a look at some food container lids. I think sour cream or cottage cheese containers are pretty close to that size.

    If you need something to fit over the outside, try a 4" corrugated pipe endcap.

    This may be a problem that just needs more redneck...


  2. Do you happen to have a 1 lb tub of cottage cheese in your refrigerator? Some brands cone in a relatively taller narrower container but the standard short/squat version is 4.5" across the top.

  3. 4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe is 4.5" OD, meaning that a slip-on end cap should be about 4.5" ID.

  4. Jeff: This telescope tube is a piece of PVC, so it is likely a good fit!