Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where Are the Wildlife?

The only wild mammals we have seen in this state are a caribou in Denali and stuffed critters in museums.  We have driven hundreds of miles outside of cities and seen less wildlife than we see in a week in Idaho.  Are they all hiding in the national parks?


  1. There's wildlife all right. We took a bus tour through Denali National Park once, we saw plenty. The thing was though, I'd have missed most of it if the bus driver or some of the hunters on the bus hadn't been pointing out animals. Maybe animals who have to live with active predators are better at hiding/blending in than the critters I'm used to seeing here in the Midwest.

  2. We made a trip to Alaska in 2009 with our truck and trailer RV. Saw a fair number of bears, buffalo, and moose on the Alaska Highway, also saw wildlife on the Cassier Highway during the south-bound portion of the trip. Also saw a momma moose with 2 of her kids wandering around my cousin's house out on the Keinai(sp) Peninsula.

    Met a fella who lives in AK who had a box of .45 Long Colt cartridges in his p/u. When I asked him what those were for, he pulled a Taurus Judge from under the seat, telling me, "It's for bears". I asked him if it was really OK to shoot 'em, and he replied in the affirmative, as though it is no big deal.