Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Be Glad Gorsuch is There

4/24/17 Los Angeles Times reports that the Peruta lawsuit challenging California's   discretionary carry permit law may go the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is good news;  the Sacramento idiots screwed up any "open carry of unloaded guns is just barely legal"argument by banning even the useless form while Peruta was working its way through the courts.


  1. Weather SOTUS takes the case depends on whom the the weak link is on the court. It was not Scalia, so do not be surprised if the case is denied.

  2. Err, why? At best he replaces Scalia's vote, which we're pretty sure was to hear all the other such appeals that the majority of the court voted to deny cert to. We'll need at least another justice replaced, and plenty of us wonder if it wasn't Roberts who turned after Heller and McDonald, but Kennedy is of course also iffy. Given that Republican Presidents have about a 50/50 record on their appointments to the Supreme Court actually turning out to be "conservative", who knows how many need replacing?