Monday, April 10, 2017

Life Below Zero

Amazing show about people living in remote parts of the Alaska bush.  To call them eccentric doesn't even begin to capture it.  One woman lives nine months of the year two hours plane flight east of Point Barrow.  She has heard a grizzly bear chewing on her skull.

One family is a white father and Native.  At the 12 year old's birthday party, it was her first without a firearm as a gift.

This is a BBC production.  I wonder how this AR15 AR10 and handgun soaked show goes over with their audience.


  1. Further proof that Americans are crazy, I assume.

  2. At first I really liked it. But it became repetitive...the "actors" saying the same things over and over, episode after episode.

    I got it! Yah got tah hunt to survive. No problem...

    I got it! Yah got to keep the grizzlies and polar bears away from the hunting lodge. No problem...

    Honestly, I don't know what else they "could" have to say.

    Susan (I think that's her name) is seriously hurt in the head, I think. When the last people leave for the year she bawls her eyes out...then becomes a hermit. Not saying she needs help or anything. If this life works for her, great. But I suspect when the cameras are gone for good...well, don't want to say.

  3. I'm sorry, but if I lived in Grizzly country, I'd carry something with a bit more power than a piddly little AR15. Or even an AR10.

  4. The first defensive use of a firearm after Obama signed the "guns allowed in National Parks" bill was a guy with a .45 ACP. Ten shots fired. Bear left. I have seen reports of polar/grizzly hybrids killed with an M16.

  5. LCB: Yes, I fear Susan is running from an abusive relationship, as a child or an adult.