Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Fake Hate Crime

This time, the crime actually happened.  But it wasn't white-on-immigrant as claimed.  4/10/17 WFAE:
Charlotte police say a possible hate crime incident in which a threatening letter was left outside a Nepali-Indian grocery store last week signed "White America" has led to the arrest of a black man.
Police have arrested and charged 32-year-old Curtis Flournoy in connection to last week's incident, during which video surveillance shows an African-American man throwing a rock through a window of the Central Market, and setting its door on fire.
A note found at the scene and signed "White America" tells the owner to go back to where they came from or face torture. Police say Flournoy has been charged with multiple counts, including ethnic intimidation and burning a commercial building.
We know that a lot of "hate crimes" are actually made up by the victims.  I wonder how many of the real ones are done by progressives pretending to be someone other than whom they pretend to be?

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  1. Sounds like an attempt at a False Flag. Black man gets rid of the Indian and blames it all on his local crackers.