Sunday, April 9, 2017

Morse Tapers

Morse tapers rely on friction and a close fit to hold them in place.  The one that holds the chuck in the drill press almost stays after thorough acetone treatment abd freezing.  While not recommended, I put a bit of superglue on the Morse taper, and now it holds.  The Tapmatic puts a lot of rotational stress on the tapers; last night it pulled the Morse taper from the Tapmatic that goes into the drill press chuck.  Again, a bit of Superglue solved the problem.  I may never be able to remove these Morse tapers, but it doesn't matter.


  1. Some heat from a heat gun should break the superglue loose.

  2. Often, the problem is metal transfer (micro-welding), embedded metal particles, or displaced metal from an impact.
    The taper could also be wrong on one of the parts. Hopefully not the female part!
    Sometimes you can chuck up the shaft in a drill, and spin it with a file against it to check for high spots. Or, roll it on a piece of glass.
    Any time it falls out, and hits anything other than your hand, you should check it for dings. It should not look or feel rough, or have grooves in the working surface.
    When in doubt, replace it. Keep a spare on hand.