Saturday, April 1, 2017

Things to Check When a Monitor Stops Working

I have a 23" ASUS display I bought a year or so ago, which is monitor #3.  It suddenly stopped working.  In preparation for a warranty claim, I turned it around to find the serial number.  The power plug looked loose (I had recently moved it).  Works again.

Many years ago, I worked very a small America branch odf a German electronics company.  A friend was tech support.  About an hour into figuring out why the customer's product had stopped working, ewith no lights visible, he asked, "Is it plugged in?"  A few seconds later, "Thanks.  Works."

1 comment:

  1. Standard checklist for tech support:

    1) Is it plugged in?
    2) is the power on to the house?
    3) did you pay your electric bill?
    4) did you reboot it?
    etc, etc...