Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tripod & Bear Spray

I am using a Targus tripod for both aurorae and trumpeter swans, pretty much necessary for the 500 mm lens and the 30 second exposures.  It isn't a great tripod, but it compacts down small enough to fit in  large suitcase so I did not need view to rent one here. 

To avoid becoming bear chow at night when you can neither see them, nor aim accurately, I put the tripod in the back seat, with camera pointing out the open window.

The bear spray was a cheap solution.  Looking at the stuffed grizzly in the Museum of the North, I can see why bear spray is more effective than a firearm.  One of these charging head down at 35 mph would be spectacularly hard to hit, and to hit effectively.

1 comment:

  1. I liked your proviso that you have to hit it effectively. Like the sentance in a Kentucky Militia Post, "Those who own rifles, and known how to use them." Yes, you have to hit the bear effectively; Hitting them otherwise will only make them madder, which is counter productive. I'll close by noting I wouldn't try to stop an Alaska Griz with a pistol unless its my replica Black Powder New Army Remington in .45 caliber. I'm not even sure I would trust a .357 magnum to stop a male Griz.