Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Labrador's Town Hall Meeting This Evening

It's at Meridian High School tonight at 6:30 PM.  Other town halls around the country have had rent-a-mob's showing up to disrupt these events, so it's important that our side show up to show opposition to Soros' goons and so outnumber the hecklers that they can't fill the room.  Remember this is a school, so don't come armed.  If the rent-a-mob were to go full Brown Shirt, it would be an enormous black eye for their side, so I think this is most unlikely.

I would come myself, but my wife volunteered me for algebra tutoring a neighbor kid this evening.


  1. Anxious to see the TV news and read newspaper/hear the radio news tomorrow about it as one who went.

    Took my camera's to take pictures of the vagina, penis and body condom suit people, but didn't see any (was hoping to have those for your blog). Lot's of Planned Parenthood tshirts though.

    Lots of crazy and hysterical (redundant?) left wingers! Estimate at least half in audience were that way--maybe 2/3. Q&A lines were half way through each isle of the auditorium for much of the time.

    I got there about 25 minutes late and couldn't find parking. But the auditorium was probably no more than 3/4 full at the peak. So no long lines waiting or being turned away.

    Unfortunately the Q&A was tilted to anti-Trump/Republican/Conservatives.

    Lots of "you lie!", boos, shouting propaganda, giving speeches instead of asking questions, etc from the rude demo-rats (redundant again).

    Seems like conservatives were mostly over 40, but there were a few youngsters. The left wingers were mostly kids, but a lot of burned out hippies as well!

    Let me know if you want more details....

    Just read the ID Statesman story (scanned through) and it as usual is somewhat biased, but a fairly good summary.

  2. BTW, are you going to try to make the Nampa one?

  3. He's doing another one in Nampa next Monday (4/24) before he returns to DC. Looks like you will still be in Alaska though.

    Have you seen the new Whitehouse photos on Palin's website and all over the media today?