Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Gospel As "Fighting Words"

“Plaintiff exclaimed a divisive message directly to a group of ‘many’ individuals while standing on top of a stool, and, in doing so, actually caused a disturbance,” the motion contends, adding that the “Plaintiff used contentious religious language that, when directed to a crowd, has a tendency to incite hostility.”
In support of its reasoning, the school cites two previous cases in which street preachers were found to have engaged in fighting words by referring to people as “sinners.”
As Tom Knighton at PJMedia points out:
The Supreme Court has affirmed the right of even the Westboro Baptist Church to speak freely. Uzuegbunam's speech would have to be pretty repulsive to extend beyond what the troglodytes at Westboro do on a regular basis.
The difference is that Westboro makes Christianity look stupid.


  1. "...Westboro makes Christianity look stupid."

    True, but have you read about how they got started? You might find them surprisingly sympathetic (despite being nuts).

    This is where classical liberalism leads, and most "conservatives" are classical liberals. The respectable "right" doesn't really oppose progressivism, but merely objects to the pace of our inexorable leftward march.

    Today Instapundit, NRO, et al write that Democrats are "the real sexists/racists/homophobes." Tomorrow they will update that to "the real trans-phobes" (and eventually "the real pedophobes"). It will never end.

  2. They make Christianity look stupid, but most Christian preachers would not, so it must be deemed hate speech.
    Another example of weaponizing the First Amendment.

    Also another example of conservative speech being deemed violence (Leftist violence, in contra distinction, is deemed speech).*

    I have to thank Tamara Keel at "View From the Porch" for this pungent chiasmus.

  3. I'm aware of how Westboro started on their homosexuality crusade; local police were unresponsive to a molester going after the pastor's grandson in a public restroom.