Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Wonderful Doctoral Dissertation in Popular Culture Will Be (or Already Has Been) Written

If you've heard the song and didn't understand some of the slang, watch the video.  I fear the first draft of that dissertation will be trying to understand the environmental concerns about bears and ducks.  The final title: "Populist and Libertarian Responses to New Electronic Media."  Former CB owner.


  1. This one is OK, but the clip on Youtube from the Convoy movie and the clip of CW himself on a 70's Merv Griffith (I think) also on You tube is better....

  2. My dad was really into CB's in the 70's. Had a 50w heater in his Falcon wagon, and reception at night was amazing. He had a roof mounted dipole(?) antenna on his 4 story building in South Jersey, with a 500w heater, and the only place he couldn't get to was CA, IIRC.

    I wonder if that Convoy song didn't have some effect on killing its' popularity.