Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whoever Ordered This 3D Printer Through My Amazon Referral Program Link

Wow.  This 3D printer contributed mightily to referral income for the month.  But all the little things that people bought as well--they add up, too!  Thanks again!

And some of the stuff that you guys and gals are ordering, like this parking aid, I did not even know existed!


  1. Glad to help.

    The ever-indulgent wife went a bit nuts and decided to get me a 3D printer for my birthday. I went in through your link but looked around and shopped long enough I wondered if you'd still get credit or not.

    Glad to hear you did.

    The printer's a lot fun, BTW. Take a look in the Thingverse ( and look at some of what you could do with one - maybe you can find an excuse ^h^h^h^h^h^h reason to get one. ;)

    One thing I've learned: part orientation when you print affects print strength. Try not to have the layers cutting across a thin spot or the part can break on a boundary.

  2. I am often tempted, but I simply do not have the time for a hobby. I have under a month to get revisions to my U.S. History class ready, freshen up my Western Civ class, and try to finish up a research project that I am doing that amazingly enough, actually pays me to read through Revolutionary era statutes.

  3. I bought the parking aid, mainly because I back into the garage with the Leaf, not drive in. The charging connector is on the front of the car and the plug-in unit is next to the overhead door. The gadget works pretty well, but I'm at about the limit of its range.

    It's so much more elegant than laying a 2X4 on the floor.

  4. Psst, when posting the links, be sure to post affiliate program links, or you might miss out.

    Alas, I tried to affiliate one of my blogs, and they rejected it, so I just attached a more active one and had to re-do all of the links I posted.

  5. Well, one of my relatives has a low-tech version of that parking aid.

    A tennis ball, an eye-bolt through the tennis ball, and a cable up to a rafter. (Or was it up to the garage ceiling? I didn't look at the top end really closely.)

    However, the re-calibratable electronic version with lights has a simpler setup.

  6. Mine are even simpler: large bobber on a piece of string to an eye-hook in the ceiling. When the bobber touches the windshield, you're parked.

  7. But can you get an IP address for that bobber so that your PC can receive a signal, and know that it is time to start filling the bathtub?