Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flat-Screen TVs: No One Should Suffer

From July 31, 2014 KRGV-TV, where the illegal immigrant flood will be staying:
The feds said the immigrants will be referred to as "residents" and the rooms as "suites." The suites are furnished with flat-screen television sets and landline telephones. The center has a soccer field covered with artificial turf, ping pong tables and a weight room.


  1. To be fair, these days it might be difficult finding CRTs.

  2. Well as long as the TV's have the Spanish channels and MSNBC to be fair to them. MSNBC to learn the proper English...

  3. Addendum: I suppose they could argue the TV is to help learn English. I've heard many non-English speakers say they learned American English by watching TV and movies.