Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trigger Weight Scale Arrived: Data On Hi-Power Magazine Disconnect Removal

Compared to another Hi-Power from the same lot that I have lying around, the trigger was noticeably better, but I ordered up this scale from Amazon a couple of days ago, so it was on my doorstep today:

Anyway, the scale works very well. Several other buyers suggesting taking five measurements and averaging the weights, and that seems to work well.  The unmodified Hi-Power returned quite a range of trigger weights, from 8 3/8# to as much as 9#, with the average around 8 3/4#.  I am always amazed at how well I can shoot it in spite of that trigger.  The one with the magazine disconnector removed was...get ready for this:

4 1/4# to 4 3/8#.

This is about as perfect of a combat pistol trigger weight as I can imagine.  Wow.  Notice that not only is the trigger weight roughly half or less of the before case, but it is much more consistent.  The feeling on the trigger that many shooters call "gritty" is, I think, this inconsistency of trigger weights.

Yes, it's time to have the other one done as well.

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