Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Those Iraqi WMDs That Didn't Exist Are Now In ISIS Hands

Or so says AP's June 8, 2014 story:
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The Islamic State extremist group has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad, where remnants of 2,500 degraded chemical rockets filled decades ago with the deadly nerve agent sarin are stored along with other chemical warfare agents, Iraq said in a letter circulated Tuesday at the United Nations.
Remember when the news media and the Democrats (same thing, really) told us that the Iraqi WMDs were just Bush's lies?


  1. Note that the AP watered down the original story. The more recent AP story implies that the chemicals are no longer harmful. The older story, quoting Iraqi officials, said that they were still dangerous.

  2. The revised story is correct. If the original story was correct, it would demonstrate staggering incompetence by Bush and the Army.

    - That these weapons were found, but nothing was said, leaving Bush and other allied leaders looking like fools and liars.

    - That these weapons were in the hands of the U.S. for over ten years and were not disposed of. (This would also splash Obama too, since he's been in charge for five years.)

    But there have been many reports of "degraded" or "scrap" chemical weapons being found here and there.

    This stuff is dangerous - it could kill or injure someone who handles it carelessly - but is not useful as weapons.