Monday, July 28, 2014

There Are Examples of Judicial Misconduct That Just Amaze Me

Instapundit links to a discussion of what happened when a judge was hearing a child custody dispute case, while having sex with the mother in his chambers, and, surprisingly enough, ruling against the father.  Can the father sue the judge?  The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rules no, that the judge enjoys judicial immunity for his actions.

This really does seem an area where Congress, if it had any integrity, would take action. There are clearly situations where a judge should not enjoy immunity for his actions.


  1. It's probably a testament to how decent most Americans are that more guys who have been shafted by the family court system haven't gone postal.

    Something about Tar and Feathers

  2. If things worked the way they were intended to work, he'd be impeached.

    Of course, should he be impeached, he'll probably run for Congress and win. That's where impeached judges usually end up.