Friday, July 11, 2014

Question For Call of Duty Fans

I am attempting to help someone unravel a mystery (or deception).  Do any of the Call of Duty series of video games have a rape component?  I would not have thought so, because of how these games are marketed.

UPDATE: I am seeing references to expressions like this, but this is only a figurative use of the word.  Ditto for this discussion.  And here.


  1. I'm a game or two behind but I don't think so. A couple games back there was a "trigger warning" where you could skip a scene because you walked through an airport and killed civilians and that got some press.

  2. No. I've either watched my kids play, or played with them, every one of the series from the original through Black Ops II. There is no rape component to any of those games. We don't have Ghost, but I doubt there's anything like that in there either.

    Can you imagine the outrage in the press if there were? There's no way you could have avoided hearing about it.