Thursday, March 27, 2014

Suspended Animation, Coming To An E/R Near You Soon

An otherwise quite interesting article about plans to replace blood with cold (although not frozen) saline solution on likely fatally injured patients included a discussion of the use of this technique for long space flights, and other methods of allowing people to be kept alive perhaps indefinitely includes some riotously funny comments:
Ohhhh... here we go! we could create a secondary market in blood.
Drain the frozen guy, issue him (or loved one) a certificate of ownership of 5 pints on deposit. When he gets thawed, he cashes the certificate in.
Blood certificates could trade like cash.
Imagine. Re-hypothecated blood. Like the gold market. You know, like every physical ounce has 40 - 80 paper claims on it.
Now if I could re-hypothecate one pint a a time. Hmmm...
It would be like crossing Corzine + Dracula. Perfect.
Corzine, of course, refers to Jon Corzine, Wall Street scoundrel and of course, U.S. Senator (D-NJ).

I hope they perfect this technique so Herr Fuhrer Obama can live forever.
Followed by:
Preferably frozen, and as soon as possible. 

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