Saturday, March 1, 2014

Remember When Obama Campaigned in 2008 On The Promise of "Smart Diplomacy"?

Russia's Parliament has approved Putin's request for permission to invade the Ukraine.  And it has already begun.  Now, Obama isn't going to do anything.  Putin is sure of it.  I am sure of it.  But big wars often start because of miscalculations.

The good news is that as a condition of giving up their nuclear weapons, the Ukraine received security guarantees from Russia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.  I bet right now the Ukrainians are wishing that they had kept the nuclear weapons.

UPDATE: Probably should increase the food stockpile when we go shopping tomorrow.  I can't picture Obama intentionally doing anything that would lead to war (like fulfill our treaty obligations to the Ukraine), but he is certainly the biggest idiot to occupy the Presidency in my lifetime.  I suspect that he might manage to screw over the Ukraine and start a war with Russia at the same time.  Even with the best of intentions, wars start by accident.  I am glad that we are not line of sight to Boise.  The mountains in the way will absorb all direct radiation.


  1. That's ok, the mobs fleeing the city will show up at your house pretty quickly, anyway. Should look like a Palestinian refugee camp within days.
    Glowing Boise Resident here.

  2. Don't worry perhaps Obama will prove he is the messiah and use his supernatural powers to bring world piece soon as it says in in the book of Revelation.

  3. More likely that Comrade Urkel imposes econ sanctions like banning all imports of Russian ammo.

  4. Yeah, I'm late to the game. Let this be a lesson, don't ever surrender your weapons, even nuclear weapons. Especially if the corrupt cities of Washington, London, or Moscow are involved.

    Conditions under which I will surrender my weapons:

    1) None