Friday, March 14, 2014

Proven Lesbian Transmission of AIDS

From the March 14, 2014 New York Times, a pretty disturbing article at many levels.  It acknowledges that while there have been previous cases where authorities thought that lesbians had transmitted AIDS through sexual contact, this was the first where it could be proven.  And the method of transmission is a bit disturbing:
The women reported having sex during their periods
First eeewwwww!
and using insertive sex toys, sometimes so roughly that bleeding occurred.
Second eeewwwww!

The article goes on to explain that the woman infected was selling blood plasma.  The first time she tested negative; the second time, she tested positive.  It makes you wonder how often someone tests negative but hasstarted to seroconvert.  According to this article, you can still test negative, but still be infected during this window of seroconversion.

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