Thursday, March 20, 2014

Someone Obviously Did Better on His Startups Than I Did

A truly impressive 12" D&G refractor on a Byers mount, available at the bargain price of $595,000.


  1. There is a reason it's being sold.

  2. For that price I would hope for a small bit of land and one of those round-topped buildings, in addition to the telescope. It is, after all, used.


  3. Looks like an interesting guy and regrettably he must sell.

  4. Sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with it!

    1. If I had a +- half-million-dollar telescope, it wouldn't take me very long to figure out I'd rather have a +- half-million-dollar sailboat.

    2. My best friend bought a geniune Dobro, used on consignment, from The music store in Seaside, OR. It turns out there's a fairly well-off guy in town who likes to dabble in musical instruments, but then tires of them quickly and doesn't want to keep them around. Result: instruments for sale (on consignment) in the one-and-only music store in town, for no more than half of what they should really go for (try Craigslist, buddy...) Just add a couple more orders of magnitude of wealth, and you've got this telescope's about-to-be-former owner.

  5. dmoelling,

    Interesting, and sad. Looks like he's got a much more serious reason that just 'tired of it'; in my defense what I wrote was merely meant as a whimsical answer to Billy's opening comment (the only one visible at the time) implying there must be something wrong with it.