Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freelance Academic Writing: What's That?

I saw this ad on
Freelance writers are responsible for taking available orders and completing them within a required deadline. Writers are given a login username and password to our website, ultius(dot)com, where they can pick up orders, track existing ones and communicate with both clients and administrators. As an independent contractor, you would be free to work on your own time. However, orders must be completed on time and according to exact instructions provided. 
My thought was: who is the market for this?  Organizations that need research projects done?  No.  As their website says: "Writing is painful."   They have samples of these ghost-written research papers for college students.  And yes, the papers are quite good.  So much for learning anything useful, such as how to write a research paper.


  1. College isn't about getting an education anymore. It's about getting a degree.

  2. Some of us dragging our feet, trying to make sure that an education results as well!

  3. The price of that BA/BS piece of paper continues to go up as it's value goes down...