Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remember The Couple Whose Dog Dug Up $10 Million in Gold Coins?

I blogged about this heart-warming story a while back.  Zombie over at PJMedia reports that there is now evidence that the coins were stolen from the U.S. Mint over a century ago -- in which case, they get nothing.


  1. Perhaps only the government is sufficiently heartless to not offer some kind of reward.

  2. If I were to find a stash of coins or cash or something like that, I would keep it so quiet a fly would sound like thunder by comparison, for exactly that reason.

  3. Should you ever find such a stash.
    a) keep silent.
    b) sell the coins one at a time, to different dealers, possibly in different states.
    c) take cash.
    d) bank slowly.

    There was a fellow who came across a stash of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, and basically doubled the number of known copies. He sold virtually all of them before word got out that these were previously unknown copies. If he'd announced, the collector value would have tanked before he got money out of it.

    (Well, tanked as in halved, roughly, it would still be worth a pretty penny.)

  4. Lets not jump to any conclusions.

    The "evidence" consists of newspaper records of a heist in either 1899 or 1901 -- the year is not even clear -- and the accounts don't mention whether the gold was recovered. Jumping from vague 100+ year old newspaper articles to saying the government can prove these specific coins are the stolen ones is quite a huge leap.