Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For Those In The Boise Area

KBOI channel 2 was on campus at College of Western Idaho looking for someone to express an opinion about concealed carry on campus.  They stuck their nose into my wife's classroom, and she gave them an earful!  I suspect that it will be quite entertaining this evening.

UPDATE: You can see KBOI's report here.  And my lovely wife!


  1. The segment aired about 15 mins ago and when I saw your wife's name I thought "Cramer... I wonder if that's Clayton's wife..." And yes, she was entertaining, at least from my point of view.

    You can tell the bias of their reporting, they don't even try to hide it. I wonder if they have armed security on their site. Most TV stations have armed security these days.


  2. Wow, the 'nutcase' guy was amazing, but not surprising. Sir, do you really think the 'nutcases' who would murder others are deterred by a prohibition on bringing guns on campus?

  3. Nice to see your wife speaking for the cause. Of course they made it a point of mostly giving time to the hoplophobes. The Statesman did the same in the Wed paper in the letters to the editor with 4 against and only 1 for--I don't believe it's 80% against at all in the state.

    The security contractor just wants to increase their revenue. Having unarmed security is always a bad idea anyways.

    The media sure is good at finding the most inane opposition to the new law. Though sadly they no doubt think they are all great arguments against it.

  4. There is a widespread belief in some circles that murderers have concealed weapon permits. After all, criminals wouldn't break the law, would they?

  5. Of course, the question then is, how did a guy who has a rap sheet as long as your arm and can't register to vote, and had his driver's license revoked, get a CCW?
    The liberal (sorry) application of pixie dust? This is the same cloud-koo-koo land thinking that causes Muslims around the world to revere OSB as a hero for doing something that in the next breath they will tell you is a Jewish plot.

  6. Much of the population does not realize that there are background checks required to get a carry permit.