Thursday, March 20, 2014

CNN: Where Really Smart People Become Journalists

Watts Up With That? has a screen shot of a CNN journalist talking about whether a black hole might have swallowed that missing airliner.

Please: no more criticisms of Faux News as being a bunch of stupids.

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  1. Their stupidity increases in proportion to the length of time spent talking about news events for which there are no new updates to report. Too bad they can't seem to find something important and newsworthy to report on while there is nothing new to report on the missing plane instead of the endless crazy speculation. But then they might have to report on the incompetence of the Black Messiah. Oh the horror!

    Besides we all know the plane will turn up in ~40 years in the same condition before it took off (minus any people) in the Sonoran Desert. The people can then be picked up not having aged a day at Devils Tower. Or has one of the "journalists" offered that one yet?