Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finally! It All Came Together!

A clear sky; the digital setting circles were correctly configured!

These pictures were taken a couple of nights back, before I managed to get the balance right, and I was having to hold the telescope in position.

Curiously, these photos taken at ISO 100, and 1/350th and 1/125th of a second came out better than the pictures that I took this evening, at ISO 800, after I solved the balance problem:

Perhaps I will go back to ISO 100.

I still need a tracking platform to do anything serious, but I managed to get Jupiter and three of its satellites:


To get detail on Jupiter requires a much shorter exposure than this 1/20th of a second at ISO 800.

UPDATE: Yes, setting the digital setting circles to Dobsonian mode made all the difference.  The planets could now be found... well, at least Jupiter.  The other planets were all below the horizon at the time.  I am pretty sure that I will be able to get to the various interesting deep sky objects now... once they are above my house.

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