Monday, March 10, 2014

I Guess I Am Becoming an Old Fuddy-Duddy

Huffington Post had a collection of RSVP cards for weddings, some of which were funny, and some of which were, to be blunt, crude and obnoxious.  One comment (and at Huffington Post, it was pretty unusual) captured my concerns:
Sorry but I do not find anything funny in a marriage ceremony. When two people get married, they bring their lives together through the blessings of God. Marriage should be a sacred vow and the wedding and all aspects of the marriage should be taken seriously. Maybe the divorce rate in this country would be less if people would take their wedding more seriously. It seems to me that these invitations were created by people who do not view their wedding as a sacred day between them and God. I would be curious to see just how many of these marriages last beyond a five year period. I am sure not many.


  1. I predict that in 50 years, the word "Wedding" will refer to a big party thrown by a woman to celebrate some event. Like a Quinceanera, but not tied to age.

  2. Weddings seem to be trending badly. My personal pet peeve is the "destination" wedding, where the happy couple expects their friends and family to use a week of vacation and fly to Mexico or Hawaii or wherever. I prefer to choose my own vacation sites, thanks.