Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Intoxication Is Bad, Even If Isn't Alcohol Intoxication

The father of a 3-month-old boy who was left in a car in Phoenix and died was believed to be smoking marijuana in front of the car while his infant son was still inside, according to court documents released Friday.
Daniel Gray’s son, Jamison, died after being left in the vehicle for more than an hour. Gray had parked his car at his workplace near Scottsdale and Thunderbird roads, according to Phoenix police.
He initially told police that he had gone to B.T. Sports Pub on his day off to check on some things, according to Phoenix police and Maricopa County Superior Court documents.
A witness observed Gray and an employee standing in front of the parked car outside B.T. Sports Pub and assumed they were smoking marijuana, according to court documents.
When investigators questioned the employee seen with Gray, that employee admitted that Gray asked him for marijuana and that both went to stand in front of the vehicle.
Intoxicants make you do stupid things; that's why many people use intoxicants.  The last thing we need to encourage people to do is... stupid things.  Yes, alcohol makes you do stupid things, too, and it is argument for discouraging alcohol intoxication.  The future of America: instead of being half-stupid, we can be fully stupid.

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