Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The surgical site where the chest drainage tubes had been were not looking good, although admittedly, neither my wife nor I had anything to compared them to, so we went into the surgeon's office today.  They did an X-ray first.  The doctor who saw me indicated that the X-ray showed "spectacular" healing, and that the ugliness was actually pretty normal.  Apparently the chest tube holes heal from the inside out, and unless they started to produce pus or the redness enlarged, everything was fine.

I also ran into my surgeon in X-ray, and he was quite pleased to see me looking so good so shortly after such a surgery.  He also guessed that I had lost about ten pounds since the surgery -- which is exactly on.


  1. Glad you're healing up well! I don't want to hope you're back to your old self, but rather that you feel better than your old self!

  2. Clayton, were you taking CoQ10 with your statins? If so, how long before you felt relief from the statin-induced muscle pains? I've been taking 100mg for about a week now, and nothing.

  3. When I was experiencing muscle pain was over a year ago. I have not yet started CoQ10 with the statins, and I should.