Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coughing Issue

I have been coughing quite a bit, as well as having some pain in my lungs.  The physician's assistant told me yesterday that it sounds like there is some fluid around my lungs, and this is probably the cause.  She prescribed a combination of a diuretic and KCl (because the diuretic tends to drain you of potassium) for three days.  I started this morning, and I can already feel some real improvement.

The KCl is a horse appropriate considering the valve that I have.

When I returned to work today, I found oats on my chair, floor, and desk, and more pictures of horses around my office than I would expected, as well as such memorable items as the cover from what was apparently a novelty music album of the early 1960s: "Mister Ed: The Talking Horse."  "Mister Ed takes up singing and sends the girls stampeding like lovesick fillies!"  Oh yes: and the musical score and lyrics for the Mr. Ed theme song.


  1. If you can't swallow the potassium pills, drink a quart of OJ per pill.

    That's what I did when I had cancer occluding my airway.

    A quart of OJ is about equal to one of the big horse pills of potassium.

  2. Maybe you SHOULD start watching My Little Pony....

  3. Be thankful it's not a suppository.