Thursday, August 8, 2013

What A Difference Having A New Valve Makes

I just spent 60 minutes on the treadmill, covering 2.5 miles, and reaching a sustained top speed of 3.0 mph.  Before the surgery, I could not do reach 3.0 mph, and there was breathlessness at each speed (although it would eventually pass after a few minutes at each speed).  No breathlessness at all.  I actually feel really good.

There is still a bit of mucus in my lungs left over the surgery, but the exercise is definitely helping it to clear, although with Mucinex DM.

After I finished treadmilling, my blood pressure was 114/61, pulse 94.  Obviously, the combination of calcium channel and beta blocker medicines is part of what is keeping my blood pressure low.  I am hoping that as I restore my cardiovascular conditioning, and as everything finishes healing, I will be phase these down.

I would say that my greatest remaining discomfort is the mucus in my lungs that hasn't quite cleared.


  1. My brother reported similar improvements in his car after he replaced a cracked valve. ;) :P

  2. I ride a bicycle 20 miles per day, Wisconsin weather permitting.

    Then one day, had terrible heart burn while riding on the trail. Was diagnosed with four blockages: 20%, 30%, 80% and 90%. They stented the 80% and 90% blockage.

    Once the doc greenlighted it, I began riding again, but for limited distances.

    I noticed a big difference. Before the stents, I would always hit a wall about four blocks into my ride that I'd have to push through. I always attributed this to not having stretched or warmed up.

    But after stents, that wall was just gone. I could get on my bike, totally cold, and ride like never before. It was really tempting to push it, to see just how much my performance had improved, but the doc and the rehab nurses had me on a strict heart rate and distance limit which I obeyed.

    That was nearly 10 years ago. I've not had a heart issue since, and I'm still riding 20 miles every weekday morning.

  3. Wow. I knew that exercise was not sufficient to prevent heart disease, but you seem to be an especially depressing reminder that it doesn't work perfectly.