Monday, August 5, 2013

The World's Most Expensive & Painful Diet Plan

I shaved for the first time since the surgery, ten days ago.  My face is no longer chubby:

I even fancy that I look a few years younger.  My sinuses are now draining well, and I am beginning to think I may need my eyeglasses prescription revised.

I am going to need to buy new clothes.  I am not sure how much weight I have lost, but it feels like my shoes may be 1/2 size too large, and my pants are fast becoming something that a subtle circus clown might wear.

I am still really tired.


  1. My grandfather was a large man, and heart surgery caused him to drop weight very quickly. He looked great after he was recovered, though unfortunately he didn't keep it off. My grandmother was a feeder.

    Bill Clinton is another example, though he seems to have kept most of the weight off.

  2. Thanks for posting this day-by-day account. Please don't forget that you ARE alive....and smile the first chance you get. It's a brutal process...but also a technological miracle of the first order...and a human one.

  3. Enjoy the weight loss and vow to keep it off. Buy some new clothes and spruce up your look a little. I lost 51lbs a couple of years ago and between the weight loss and some slightly less "old guy" clothes I really did and do feel like a new person.