Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Getting Cranky In My Old Age

From August 26, 2013 MLive.com comes this disgusting story of what passes for youth culture in Michigan:
The game was called "point 'em out, knock 'em out," and it was as random as it was brutal.
The object: Target an innocent victim for no other reason than they are there, then sucker punch him or her.
But on this day in Lansing, there would be no punch. The teen-age attacker had a stun gun.  He did not know his would-be victim was carrying a legally concealed pistol.
The teen lost the game.
The teenager survived being shot in the buttocks -- and had the good sense to write an apology letter to his victim.   But what does this say about what has become an increasingly common part of ghetto subculture?  It wasn't, "this guy might have some money -- let's rob him," or "I'm angry at someone and I want to take revenge."  It was just a random assault because it will be fun to injure someone.

I am so glad that I don't live somewhere where this is a problem.  The rest of you: be ready.

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  1. the only regrettable thing about this assault by a feral subhuman is that the victim did not get a head shot or center mass impact.