Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nevada Now Recognizes Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit

Nevada has added Idaho's new enhanced concealed carry permit to the list of out-of-state permits that they will recognize.  This is good news for Idaho residents, because Nevada is right next door, and many trips that start in Idaho, end up in or go through Nevada. In addition, because Nevada's Sheriff's Association has worked aggressively to prevent authorized Nevada instructors from teaching the required class outside of Nevada, it was often very difficult for a nonresident to get a Nevada carry permit.

Those of you who already have an existing Idaho concealed carry permit will need to take the enhanced carry permit class and apply for the new Idaho permit. This is somewhat annoying, but if you only had a year or two left on your current Idaho permit, you aren't losing that much money by replacing it early with the enhanced permit. While I do not have a list of other states that will now recognize the Idaho enhanced carry permit compared to the standard Idaho carry permit, I am expecting that at least a few states in the Midwest and East will now grant you carry permission that you did not previously have.

I will be taking the enhanced carry permit class that friend T. Allen Hoover teaches, once I finish the trauma of getting stitches removed, paying down the deductible on this surgery bill, and have persuaded myself that the last of anesthesia brain has completely worn off.  At the moment, I don't entirely trust myself with ballpoint pens.

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  1. I've been hoping that Idaho's example would prompt other states to offer up their own enhanced permits: better protection from liability/civil suits, more areas allowed to carry in, etc...