Friday, August 9, 2013

PJMedia Article Up

Take It from Me: Heart Surgery Is Best Avoided

You know the saying, "turn lemons into lemonade."  I like to think of this as "monetizing misery."


  1. Re. your comment - "While primarily a birth defect, better diet and exercise programs the last thirty years might have delayed this agony":

    I'm currently reading William Davis' "Track Your Plaque", which argues that pretty much everyone over 40 should have a coronary calcium scan done. They're cheap, and non-invasive, and highly predictive of future heart disease - a decade or more in advance, when you can still do something about it.

  2. My GP says that the coronary calcium scan has too many false positives and false negatives to be particularly trusted for this, and I THINK either my cardiologist or heart surgeon told me the same thing.