Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Philadelphia Airport

I have an optional event in downtown Philly to attend at 7:00 PM on October 12--but my flight lands at PHL at 7:00 PM.  It looks like a 20 minute car drive, so a taxi should be able to get me there by 7:30 PM.  Anyone in Philly who wants to disabuse me of that notion?

I'm not checking anything, so I should be able to go directly from the gate to the taxis.  Yes, I had thought about bringing a pistol with me, but I'll either be in the presence of a bunch of heavily armed lawyers Friday night, in my hotel room, or in the presence of heavily armed lawyers most of Saturday.

It's a nuisance to transport handguns; you have to have it unloaded when you check it, with ammunition in closed boxes.  (And watching the way that the San Francisco International clerks responded when I opened up the gun case, you would think that I was checking my pet cobra.)  When you retrieve it at the far end, you have to wait until you are somewhere private to load magazines and then load the gun, so it is effectively useless to and from the airport.  (Yes, you could load and unload in the taxi, but this might lead to unpleasantness, and I would definitely not recommend it on mass transit.)

If only there was Hertz-Rent-A-Pistol at airports for travelers.  You show your concealed carry permit (valid for that state), have them run your credit card, and they issue you a Glock, S&W, or H&K already loaded with a holster.  When you get back to the airport, you hand back in your pistol, and they make sure that the magazines are full, or they charge you $2 a cartridge to clean and reload.


  1. I could arrange for an armed escort to pick you up and take you to your hotel :)

  2. In Pennsylvania Philadelphia is defined as a city of the first class. That means to carry open or concealed you need a Pennsylvania ltcf or recognized ccw from another state.

  3. Probably be better to have XD's than HK's - unless the HK's are the 'luxury' line.

  4. If there's no traffic and if you can get a cab right away, you'll just make it. But tell them you might be 10-15 minutes late just to be safe.

  5. you could load it and holster it in the bathroom in the airport... you can also ship it Fed-Ex to the hotel and have it waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel...