Thursday, October 18, 2012

Public Nudity and Appropriate Venues

From the appropriately named Supervisor Wiener of the San Francisco city government:

This month I introduced legislation to restrict public nudity to appropriate venues, like parades, street festivals, and beaches, while prohibiting the display of genitalia in other public places including city plazas, parklets, sidewalks, streets and public transit. This proposed ordinance came about as a result of a sharp increase in public nudity in the Castro, most notably in Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market. What was once an occasional sighting has turned into a near-daily nudist colony in what is essentially the Castro's town square. I hadn't planned on pursuing this ban, and I'd hoped this issue would resolve itself, but sentiment in the community, from gay and straight residents, small business owners, and others, has turned against this obnoxious behavior. The goal of this legislation is not to punish people, but to get them to put their clothes back on while in our neighborhoods so that everyone can enjoy our public space.
It is nice to know that "parades, street festivals, and beaches" are "appropriate venues" for "display of genitalia."  I learn something new every day.

By the way: the picture at the aforementioned link is not safe for work.

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  1. google "folsom street fair" and be prepared to be shocked.