Saturday, October 20, 2012

Counterproductive Behavior

When I arrived in downtown Philadelphia last Friday, I was briefly surprised by how many of the young women were dressed on the streets.  Briefly I wondered, "Is prostitution really this common in downtown?" because so many of them were dressed in a style that screamed "working girl."  But then I saw the flyers announcing a Slutwalk.

What is a Slutwalk?  It is one of those misguided attempts by feminists to protest rape by dressing in unnecessarily sexually provocative ways.  I sympathize with the desire of victims to not be blamed for rape.  If a woman walked naked down a dark street, it would be stupid, but the full blame for the rape falls on the rapist.

What concerns me about events like Slutwalk is that the kind of men who commit rape are also the kind of men who would see women dressed in a provocative manner as, "She's asking for it."  Rapists should not be receiving any cues or indicators that make it easier for them to justify their actions.

The real tragedy is that in places where feminists think that Slutwalk makes sense, the problem is that the dominant political culture refuses to treat violent criminals with the severity that they deserve.  But rather than confront that the same political culture that glorifies sexual promiscuity and abortion also refuses to punish rape as a very serious crime, it is easier to blame traditional values -- the same traditional values that made rape a capital crime in some states, until the liberals on the Supreme Court decided that execution for rape violated the Eighth Amendment.

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  1. There was a Slutwalk in Boise a month or so back. They were all around Capitol Blvd, the Greenbelt, Ann Frank Memorial and the Boise Public Library downtown. Definitely looked like a hooker convention. Most of the "girls" appeared to be high school and college age (teens/early twenties).

    Somehow I don't think they are very effective in their message as most people are either shocked or are dirty old men leering. Reminds me of "sexy" commercials where it is easy to remember images of the beautiful young women and impossible to remember what the heck it is they are selling, other than "sex" of course.

    It was somewhat comical watching the girls walk on 6" to 8" heels and most having a hard time keeping their balance---looked like stilt walkers in a carnival parade!

    Perhaps wearing Burkas would be a better strategy for getting sympathy.

    As an aside I couldn't believe how many of these kids have tats and body piercings these days. I must be old because it seems a shame especially when pretty girls do that to themselves! Looking like that they look like they belong at Sturgis! And that's hardly an anti-objectification of women event....