Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not A Way To Make Friends For Hunting

At both ends of the old highway off which we live are signs explaining that all the land along the highway is private property, and hunting is not allowed.  (Some of this is written into the CC&Rs of the various subdivisions.)  As we were coming down the old highway this morning, we saw a rather huge gutpile extremely visible at the side of the road. 

My understanding is that this is not considered appropriate hunting etiquette, even ignoring that someone ignored the "No hunting" signs.  There is a measure on the November ballot here to add a guarantee of a right to hunt to the state constitution.  Gutpiles at the side of the road are not exactly a way to create a positive image of hunters.

1 comment:

  1. Alternate scenario: deer jumps in front of an oncoming car, car hits deer, driver is a hunter who dispatches the deer, guts it for the meat and does what he can to dispose of the gut pile. He is on a rural road and knows that the land on both sides is private property. So he leaves the gut pile on the easement.

    Not so horrific after all.