Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disturbing Article About Jihadist Gunwalking

The October 22, 2012 Washington Times has this disturbing article about a very serious accusation, far worse than Iran-Contragate (if true), and likely an impeachable offense--if the mainstream media cared about such things.  The allegation is that the Obama Administration was running a weapons running program through the Benghazi consulate involving Turkey and the Syrian rebels--and specifically, the Islamist Syrian rebels, not the ones with a more Western point of view.

There might well be legitimate foreign policy reasons to do this sleight-of-mind maneuver -- but the partial, apparently inadvertent disclosure of classified information in Congressional hearings recently about Benghazi suggests the cowboys of the Obama Administration may be doing this on their own. Of course, arming the Islamist factions instead of the more Western factions would be a very bad idea.

Imagine a Republican were President...


  1. Not to defend the arming of the jihadists, but I don't see how that is any more impeachable than arming the drug cartels in Mexico.

  2. Possible theory for the Benghazi Incident. A bungled political"opportunity".

  3. It isn't any more impeachable. It just has mega-orders of magnitude greater geopolitical consequences for the whole world than arming a drug cartel.
    Something on the order of bankrolling the Bolsheviks in 1916 vs bankrolling Juan Peron.