Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blaming Bush, Iraq, and Afghanistan Isn't Working

Well, at least it does not work for those who let numbers influence them.

This graph courtesy of Instapundit is one of those reminders that Iraq, Afghanistan, and George W. Bush, fails to explain this deficit problem:

Yes, the economy ended up in serious trouble in 2008.  But this simply fails to explain the sheer scale of these problems.  On the other hand, 2008 is the first full year that the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, and 2009, they gained control of the White House.  Do you suppose that might have something to do with it?

And yet, vast numbers of young people whose futures will be destroyed by that deficit are going to vote for Obama and Democrats for Congress next month.  What's wrong with this picture?


  1. But those young people thing Obama is way cool! *SNICKER*

    Blame it on youthful stupidity I suppose....

  2. Time lags - you must allow for time lags.

  3. Cheer up Clayton:

    Last week I was in Ames, Iowa on a business trip. Ames is home to Iowa State University. Iowa State has 30,000 students. The Ames urban area has a population of 60,000. I was there for three days. In my three days, I saw exactly one Obama bumper sticker. I saw no Obama yard signs. One night I walked through several rows of parked cars at a grocery store and saw no Obama bumper stickers.

    In 2008, Obama got 56% of the vote in Story county (the county in which Ames is located) and about 56% of the vote in Iowa.

  4. The chart says something uncomplimentary about government long-term forecasting, doesn't it?

    Might as well try horoscopes.