Friday, October 5, 2012

I Must Laugh, Or I Will Cry

Red Bull + Research Paper Deadline = how many different ways to spell "Peloponnesian" in the same paper?

I'm grading papers, and to quote Kurtz, "The horror, the horror!"  Not all of them--some are pretty good.  But those that aren't...


  1. Pelopo what? Sounds made up to me.

    My phone can even spell that one.

  2. That makes your phone smarter than most Americans.

  3. At least it wasn't the Penelopenesian War.

  4. Been there. Done that. You have my sympathy, sir.

    (Love your comment about the phones being smarter. I had a paper weight that was smarter than some of those submitting papers.)

  5. It happens in all fields, unfortunately, although it manifests itself a little differently in each.

    I was grading a physics exam once where a student came up with an answer of something like 10**26 Tesla for a magnetic field of a coil. I marked the question wrong, with the comment, "We could do spin-flip measurements on the galaxy with a field this size."